Keep Your Facility Operating Reliably & Effectively

We specialize in the procurement and manufacturing of superior quality pressure components for the energy sector.
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Profitable and efficient plant operations don't have to be so difficult

We understand how unreliable, obsolete or damaged pressure equipment can bring your operation to its knees.

  • Do you have frequent emergency outages?
  • Do you experience implementation delays?
  • Are your operational costs unpredictable?
  • Are you risking accidents by not meeting safety standards?

We help you take back control.

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Operate your plant confidently with greater reliability and safety

Operational Safety

Increase reliability and safety by replacing unreliable, obsolete or damaged equipment with high-quality components that meet or exceed industry ASME standards.

Outages & Downtime

By outfitting your plant with superior quality pressure components, outages and downtime are reduced and reliability increased.

Business Profitability

Avoid outages, reduce component replacement frequency and enable more efficient power generation.

You need a partner you can trust that can get the job done right

We hate when our customers are negatively impacted by poor quality pressure components, which cause unreliable operations and major economic losses.

With over 36 years of experience procuring and manufacturing superior-quality pressure components and equipment for the energy sector, you can be confident your project will be completed on time and comply with all the required quality and safety standards.

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A partner that provides the best product and superior customer support

Our partnership with RIMMSA has allowed us to expand our presence globally. It’s a pleasure to work with a partner that provides the best product offering and superior customer support to ensure the ultimate end goal - gaining customers for life!

John Viskup
Chief Executive Officer
Victory Energy Operations

Our Services

We provide the complete solution for all your pressure equipment and component needs.

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Conceptual, thermal, mechanical, electrical, basic, detailed and as-built engineering.


Complete supply chain management for all of your project requirements.


Pressure parts, headers, water-walls, economizers, superheaters, reheaters, HRSG modules and heat exchangers.

demolition truck
Construction & Field Services

Erection and field services, installation of pressure parts, piping systems and commissioning.

Featured projects

Three steps to reliable and safe plant operations


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Share with us your list of your requirements to schedule a review session with our experts.


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personalized proposal

Get a custom quote for the pressure equipment and components you need along with engineering guidance.


Increase operational effectiveness

See reliability and profitability increase using superior quality equipment and components with on-time delivery.

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Stop worrying about unreliable pressure equipment and start operating reliably and profitably

We know you want your facility to operate reliably and effectively.  In order to do that, you need all pressure equipment and components working in optimal condition.  The problem is unreliable, obsolete or damaged pressure components are causing frequent disruptions, which makes you feel worried and stressed out.

Having a profitable and efficient operation doesn’t have to be difficult.  We understand how unreliable equipment can bring your operation to is knees, which is why we have over 36 years of experience specializing in the procurement and manufacturing of superior-quality pressure components for the energy sector.

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Some of our clients


RIMMSA met our schedule requirements because of their hard work and dedication. During the project implementation we always felt in control and confident that our work will be done right. Thanks RIMMSA!
Mr. K. Michael Kirkland
General Manager
RIMMSA maintains fully equipped tooling depots throughout strategic regions to support rapid field services deployment for power plant outages. In addition, RIMMSA supported this alliance by allowing our company to service many boiler retrofit projects successfully across the United States.
Paul L. Cummins
Commodity Management & Supplier Development
SIEMENS Industrial Power Plant Solutions
RIMMSA's biggest strength is in their flexibility to work with our specific requirements and deliver a turnkey installation flawlessly and on schedule. I would recommend RIMMSA to anyone because of their dedication to complete customer satisfaction.
Sedar Tufekci
Head of Major Partnerships
ENGIE North America

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Stop worrying about reliability and start operating your plant safely with confidence

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RIMMSA's deep expertise in boiler plant design and operations was critical to our success. Their engineering team delivered our project on time and without headaches. RIMMSA is a reliable partner we trust for our most important projects.

Robert Mangiapia
Director of Business Development
Associated Boiler Line Equipment Company